Being a Frontend Consultant at Marathon Data

Raissa Correia
3 min readFeb 5, 2024

During the past six months, I embarked on an enriching journey with Marathon Data, a period that significantly honed my technical prowess, especially in UI/UX design. This experience wasn’t just about enhancing my skills but also about understanding the profound impact of teamwork, agile methodologies, and effective management on project success.


At Marathon Data, I was introduced to Remix.js, a technology that was new to me at the time. Diving headfirst, I led a complex project leveraging this framework, which was both a challenge and a thrilling learning opportunity. Remix.js, known for its opinionated approach to web development, mandates a “right way” to handle tasks, especially forms and API calls. These aspects presented significant challenges initially, but with the guidance of my project manager — Alejandro, a knowledgeable former senior frontend engineer from Amazon, I navigated these hurdles with a steep learning curve.

This journey through Remix.js not only highlighted the importance of staying adaptable and open to new tools in the ever-evolving landscape of frontend development but also allowed me to appreciate how Remix.js addresses and improves upon issues encountered in other frameworks like Next.js, particularly regarding API calls and routing. My experience with Remix.js at Marathon Data was a testament to the framework’s robustness and the collaborative environment that fostered my growth and understanding of its intricacies.

Team Cohesion

What set this experience apart was the exceptional team cohesion and the agile framework’s application. Witnessing first hand how great management and teamwork can drive a project forward was truly inspiring. It was a testament to how agile practices, when implemented effectively, can enhance productivity and foster a dynamic, supportive work environment.

Such scenario was the best opportunity to refine my interpersonal skills. Through creating and discussing design proposals, I engaged in meaningful conversations with my colleagues about tackling complex problems. These discussions not only improved our development process but also demonstrated the importance of documentation and proof of concepts in enhancing the overall development experience, architecture quality, and understandable solution and project history for the onboarding process for future developers.

Validation and Growth

Receiving compliments from Tom, our client, on my frontend capabilities and design intuition was incredibly validating. It reaffirmed my belief in viewing technology not just as a tool but as a medium to bring life and purpose to a product. Since my internship days, I’ve been passionate about how UX, Developer Experience (DX), and user satisfaction culminate in the final product, making the journey truly worthwhile.

Looking Forward

Reflecting on these six months at Marathon Data, my key achievements — improving my frontend development skills and enhancing team communication — stand out as milestones in my career. This experience has been a pivotal chapter in my professional journey, shaping how I approach challenges and innovation in tech.

A huge thanks to all my colleagues involved: Alejandro Gonzales, Fabiano Calado, Davi Damasceno, Mateus Holanda and the client for the opportunity Tom Montgomery



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